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Drug & Narcotic Defense Attorneys in Fort Pierce, FL

Drug and narcotic crimes are among the most common charges experienced in the criminal justice system. The possession of illegal drugs and narcotics can lead to severe charges that may impact one’s record permanently. The prosecutor’s determination of severity depends on the type of drug involved and the circumstances of the crime.

For instance, aggravating circumstances such as possessing illegal drugs on a school’s property may automatically result in felony charges. Because a conviction of drug-related crimes can lead to severe consequences, consider the services of a professional attorney experienced in navigating this process.  Finding the right attorney to defend does not need to be a hassle. At East Lake Law Firm, our legal team provides drug and narcotics criminal defense representation for those charged with federal and state drug-related crimes such as:

  • Possession of drugs and narcotics
  • Manufacture of drugs and narcotics
  • Transportation of drugs and narcotics
  • Trafficking of drugs and narcotics
  • Distribution of drugs and narcotics

The Complexities of the Law

Some drugs, particularly methamphetamine and cocaine, are restricted at the federal and state levels. The law at both levels prohibits the manufacture, possession, and the sale of controlled drugs and narcotics.

However, each state has its own unique set of drug laws, and the severity of the consequences varies from one state to another. Those that incur federal charges will have longer sentences and harsher punishments.  As a result, prison  terms are influenced by the type of substance and its effects.

Drug and Narcotics Charge Attorneys

Drug and narcotics cases can be serious and require that you identify a lawyer specialized in that field. If you are found to possess paraphernalia, there are high chances that you will face serious charges. When charged with the possession of the distribution of the substances, several defenses may be initiated. The most common are as follows:

The substance does not belong to you.

There are instances a defendant may be innocent and not be aware of the presence of the drugs in their possession. For instance, a substance may be found in your vehicle, of which you have no knowledge.

An illegal search has been committed.

The US fourth amendment prohibits unlawful searches by law enforcement before an arrest.

Planted drugs are suspected.

State laws allow law enforcers to run sting operations but not induce a person to committing a crime they would have not committed. Planted drugs can fall under this category.

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Attorneys in Fort Pierce, FL

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for the possession or distribution of drugs and narcotics, you need an experienced drug and narcotic criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of proceedings and sentencing. Discussing all the details involving your charges with the right defense can make a lot of difference.

East Lake Law knows the common procedures followed in criminal cases by prosecutors and law enforcement and know how to challenge these procedures successfully to secure positive results. Our team is familiar with the law and can investigate the circumstance and identify strategies for handling your case.

If you are faced with drug and narcotics charges, the right criminal defense lawyer will make all the difference in your case. Contact your Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer today, East Lake Law today to help you fight for your rights.