St. Lucie Clerk Employees Donate $800 To M.I.S.S. of the Treasure Coast

The St. Lucie County Clerk’s office donated $800 to M.I.S.S. of the Treasure Coast. As part of the Clerk’s office ongoing charitable giving initiatives, more than 30 Deputy Clerks and their loved ones also volunteered at M.I.S.S. The volunteers painted M.I.S.S.’s Sammy’s Landing location, which consists of two apartment dwellings and a clubhouse, on a Saturday morning.

“I’m proud to lead a team of caring and knowledgeable professionals that consistently invest their time, money and heart into local charities,” Clerk Smith said as he and his team presented the donation. “M.I.S.S. is instrumental in providing housing and support services to women in our community.”

M.I.S.S. provides housing and support services to low-income single female heads of household. M.I.S.S.’s mission is to meet the needs of disadvantaged families by empowering single mothers to gain self-sufficiency.